Sarah 3 Editing Services by Sarah Gatewood

 First off, let me just say that I don’t have a genre preference when reading or editing-I just absolutely love reading and being a part of the crafting process. With that said, I want you to know that while I want to work as a team with you on this, I will NOT take over. The writer’s passion and mission are what counts most in the editing and publishing process; I will look to you as the compass for the project.

My credentials:

I have edited two novels out of a five-novel series (all books 110k-120k words, Sci-fi/fantasy) . I’ve also edited a short story that was published in a compilation book last August. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and Journalism, and a masters in Education. I have had professional training in copy editing and manuscript crafting as well. 

My pricing:

*Option one: Heavy copy editing~Two cents/word 

This involves:  clean up of all rough grammar, mechanical issues, misused conventions etc. and editorial questions and suggestions along the way to refine what you’ve already creatively composed. I’m just a helpmate of sorts. Also, I’ll ask contextual questions, give literary element comments, and use my knowledge and training to guide your crafting process. I narrow the feedback I give you, making it more concise to fit your needs. 

*Option two: Medium copy editing~one cent/word

This involves: grammar, mechanics, conventions, etc.

*Option three: Light copy editing~.75 cents/word

This involves: strictly grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Expectations of process:

You can expect me to ask you to send me the introduction and first couple of chapters in a Word document so that I can beta read for marketability. If your manuscript has potential, and I’m sure it does, we’ll collaborate to draw up a contract that works for both parties (detailing pricing, editing needs, time line, communication process, etc.).

Once we’ve agreed upon the above line items, our partnership begins! I’ll edit with your specific needs in mind…notes/comments/questions/revisions right into the document. I use Word’s Track Changes so that ultimate approval rests with you, the author.

I’ll begin a Style sheet for your manuscript. This is a spreadsheet created with your author preferences ( ie first person, past tense, certain font, etc.), and with story line consistencies (character names/ages, setting, etc.)  I’ll work with along the way. Style sheets usually begin with the following information:

1. Character names and ages.

2. Internal/external goals, motivations, and conflicts.

3. Identifiable theme and/or underlying theme, if applicable (ie moral of the story, feeling).

4. Complete setting…time and place (could be multiple).

5. Purposed plot line, in terms of event time line, rising and falling actions, where you want the story to end up, and what important things occur along the way (brief listing of these main items, just to get an idea).

Happy writing, and can’t wait to work with you!

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