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Writing Updates

Thursday November 8, 2018 – Long Update – So this is going to be far longer than my normal updates because I haven’t done one in awhile. There is a reason for that. The beginning of 2018 was an interesting start to the year. I decided to put Vampire’s Curse on the crowdfunding site, Publishizer. The site connects you with potential publishers. It just so happened I received interest from an independent publisher. I sent them a copy and they made me an offer, which I signed. That all concluded in February, and I sent of the manuscript in March. At that point, I again picked up where I left off on book 4 in the Keepers series. I didn’t like what I had and spent too much time changing and revising what I’d already written. I made the decision to just start over. This is the final book in the series and I want everything to be perfect. However, that means I haven’t made the progress I expected (I wanted to release it this year). I am currently around 50% through the final book. But in July I made the decision to go back to school. In August, I started my Master of Arts in Professional Fiction Writing from the University of Denver. I also promised the publisher I would have a second vampire book done by the end of the year. So unfortunately, book 4 had to be put on hold while I concentrate on school and the second vampire book (currently untitled, however I’m leaning toward Vampire’s Hierarchy). I also really want to work on my Sci-Fi manuscript (Saukarian Children) in the early part of 2019. But we’ll see how it all pans out. The good news is, I spoke with the publisher last night and we are still on track for a mid-November release for Vampire’s Curse.

Friday June 16, 2017 – Update – Received more feedback and working to improve. Hope to have Vampire’s curse off to the editor by the end of July, at which point I’ll start writing book 4 (which should go quickly since I already mapped everything out).

Tuesday June 6, 2017 – Update – Sent Vampire’s Curse off to a couple other readers after finishing most recent round of edits..

Monday May 22, 2017 – Update – Started editing Vampire’s Curse…. again. I received all my feedback from my beta readers. Lots of work to be done.

Saturday May 20, 2017 – Update – Finished outline for Book 4 in KotO. This is bittersweet. I now have the final book outlines. While I am excited to finish the story, It’s a little sad to have it end. This is what got me into writing after all. Will start writing after Vampire’s Curse is completed.

Monday April 17, 2017 – Update – Started outlining Book 4 in The Keepers of the Orbs Series (Excited to finish this series off).

Saturday April 15, 2017 – Update – Sent Vampire’s Curse to Beta Readers.

Wednesday April 12, 2017 – Update – Finished editing Vampire’s Curse.

Sunday March 19, 2017 – Update – Started editing Vampire’s Curse.

Friday March 17, 2017 – Update – Released book 3 in The Keepers of the Orbs Series, A Shadow Within.

Monday February 13, 2017 – Update – Just an update of where I stand today. Getting close to finishing all the edits on A Shadow Within. I’m targeting early to mid March for a release. After I’m done with A Shadow Within, I’ll move on to Vampire’s Curse which I think I’m going to try something new and crowdfund. Then I’ll focus on reworking The Saukarian Children, before I start on Book 4 (and the final in the series). I hope to have it complete by end of ’17, early ’18. I also have an idea for a murder mystery and another fantasy series. Stay tuned for more updates.

Wednesday February 1, 2017 – A Shadow Within – Started second round of edits for this book.

Tuesday January 31, 2017 – A Shadow Within – Completed the first round of edits for this book.

Wednesday January 3, 2017 – A Shadow Within – Starting on the first round of edits for this book.

Tuesday January 2, 2017 – A Shadow Within – Gave a title to book 3 and have completed the rough draft.

Wednesday December 14, 2016 – KotO Book 3 – Putting all my effort into finishing the third book in my series.

Tuesday December 13, 2016 – Vampire’s Curse – Decided to name my NaNaWriMo Project Vampire’s Curse. I also completed the first draft. 70k words and I’m in love with the story.

Wednesday November 20, 2016 – NaNoWriMo Project – Completed the month of November and my NaNoWriMo project reached 53k words. It was a fun experience, even though I only wrote during 14 days out of the 30.

Thursday November 17, 2016 – NaNoWriMo Project – Decided to read the first chapter of my Vampire story to my critique group. Since I’m only writing it, it hasn’t been edited and was rough, but the group LOVED it. Gained valuable insight and will be adjusting the story, but they were on board with my MC, concept, etc. I feel really good about it.

Wednesday November 2, 2016 – The Final Offering – Just heard back from Amazon and this book was not offered a contract. I had much more nominations than I anticipated (thanks for the help). So, I am publishing on Amazon. It will be available Friday November 12, 2016.

Tuesday November 1, 2016 – NaNoWriMo Project – I haven’t ever participated in this program and decided to give it a go for 2016. I’m writing an Urban Fantasy Vampire story. This will be geared toward adults with lots of profanity and some sexual content. I’m very excited about this project.

Sunday September 25, 2016 – The Final Offering – Had some interest, but no offers for this book, so I’m pursuing self publishing and decided to give the Kindle Scout program a shot. Follow the link on my home page to nominate this for a Kindle Contract. I’d be forever grateful.

Thursday August 4, 2016 – KotO Book 3 – I’ve been (slowly) working on book 3. Having tabled The Saukarian Children for the time being, I decided to read the first chapter of Book 3 to my critique group. Since none of them have read the first two books, I though this would be a good test. They had no problems jumping in (yay) and overall, loved the chapter. Suggested a couple minor tweaks to improve the flow, setup the story and I had a couple POV issues. Think I’m on track with this book.

Thursday July 14, 2016 – The Saukarian Children – Read yet another (and brand new) chapter to my critique group. I think there is a lot I need to re-work in this book. But I’ve learned so much. Going to try another story with my critique group.

Thursday June 9, 2016 – The Saukarian Children – Read another chapter to my critique group. They suggested several changes. I’m still learning.

Thursday May 26, 2016 – The Saukarian Children – Read the first chapter to my critique group. They had valuable feedback and suggestions, as well as many criticisms. I’ve never written Sci-Fi before, so this was eye opening. Especially since there were several Sci-Fi authors in attendance.

Thursday May 19, 2016 – Update – Attended my first RMFW Writers Critique Group meeting. Man oh man why haven’t I done this sooner. Such a great group of people and I already identified some flaws in my writing.

Monday May 8, 2016 – KotO Book 3 – While The Final Offering is in the Querying stage, I got back to work on Book 3 in the Keepers series. Jaeden is walking a thin line…

Wednesday May 4, 2016 – Update – Joined Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW)

Thursday April 21, 2016 – The Saukarian Children – I’ve been editing this project as I’ve written each chapter, and as such, edits were done quickly. Sent the story out to several Beta Readers today.

Sunday April 10, 2016 – The Saukarian Children – I’m so excited to announce I completed this book over the weekend.

Monday February 1, 2016 – The Final Offering – Started querying agents for this book (very excited).

Monday January 18, 2016 – The Final Offering – 1/18/16 – Sent the book out to several Beta Readers for feedback.

Friday January 15, 2016 – The Final Offering – Received the final edit from my editor.

Tuesday December 1, 2015 – The Rising Past – Released on Amazon.

Sunday November 15, 2015 – The Rising Past – Available for Pre-Order from Amazon.

Friday October 2, 2015 – The Saukarian Children – Started writing this Sci-Fi series. I’ve had the idea for several years.

Friday September 25, 2015 – Keepers of the Orbs Book 2 (Untitled) – 9/25/15 – Continued writing the next book in the series. I scrapped most of what I wrote six months prior.

Wednesday September 2, 2015 – Elves of The Sugar Maple (Changed the Title) – Changed the title to The Final Offering. Sent the book off to my editor.

Wednesday August 19, 2015 – The Rising Past – Actively shopping this book in the series to agents.

Tuesday August 11, 2015 – The Rising Past – Received the edited copy back and made changes. I’m quite happy with how it all turned out.

Tuesday August 11, 2015 – The Elves of a Sugar Maple – Started my first Edit

Monday August 10, 2015 – YA Project – Completed my new project and I have to say, I’m in love with it. Working title is The Elves of a Sugar Maple

Thursday July 9, 2015 – The Rising Past – Based on changes I made to The Rising Past, I went through and updated The Unknown Man and updated to Amazon

Monday April 13, 2015 – New YA Project – Since I’m in limbo on the series, started working on a new, unrelated project

Sunday April 12, 2015 – KotO Book 3 – Taking a break on book 3 as I need to wait on final version of The Rising Past to see final direction before proceeding.

Wednesday April 1, 2015 – KotO Book 3 – While I wait on edits, started working on Book 3

Tuesday March 31, 2015 – The Rising Past – Made all of the changes per Beta Readers. Sending back out for another edit.

Wednesday March 18, 2015 – The Rising Past – Heard back from all of my Beta Readers, making changes per suggestions.

Saturday February 21, 2015 – The Rising Past – Sent Book 2 out to 10 Beta Readers.

Friday February 20, 2015 – The Rising Past – Second edit came back and I updated all the changes

Tuesday January 20, 2015 – The Rising Past – First edit came back and I updated all of the changes.

Monday December 1, 2014 The Rising Past – I completed the second edit of book 2 today.  It is now in the capable hands of my wife.

Tuesday November 18, 2014 – The Rising Past – I completed the first read through/edit/revisions of the second book in The Keepers of the Orbs Series

Wednesday October 19, 2014 – KotO Book 2 – I finally completed the rough draft of The Keepers of the Orbs Book 2.  For those who have been following me, this has been a long process; much longer than I originally anticipated.  After I completed Book 1, I found a new job, finished my Bachelors Degree, and had a second son.  Needless to say, Book 2 kind of ended up on the back burner for a little while.  Book 3 shouldn’t take nearly as long to complete.  I am currently throwing around a title of The Rising Past.  Let me know what you think.

Wednesday May 7, 2014 – Redemption Short Story Contest – I found out today that my short story “Redemption” has won a short story contest.  It will be published as part of a Short Story Anthology titled Breaking Waves, by Swyers Publishing.  It should be available for purchase sometime in August.

Monday March 11, 2014 – KotO Book 2– After many delays, my full concentration (when I am not at my day job that is) is on book 2.  Unfortunately, it appears I have scrapped most of what I had already written.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Saturday March 8, 2014 – Redemption Short Story – I have completed my final edit of Redemption.  I plan on entering it into several short story contests.  Wish me luck.